About Singema

Singema is a sub-company under Smartclima Group. Singema focus on production,while Smartclima focus on financial works and Importing&Exporting works.

The factory of Singema,locates in Ningbo Cixi XiaoLin industrial park. As a factory,Singema has laser machine, CNC punch press, CNC folding bed, carved machine, general, hydraulic press,milling, tapping machine, drilling machine, argon arc welding machine for ergonomic desk and many other hardware products.At the same time,we are also having specialized advanced equipment for powder spraying, silk-screen printing, laser light, sandblasting, etc.

The main products Singema is producing are mainly Auto parts&Accessories and Ergonomics products,including Auto interior storage accessories,Auto exterior parts, and Ergonomics office desk,Monitor Stand Riser and car foldable beds.

Singema,with Smartclima, both together creates a collaborative E-commerce for our distributors and clients to let them enjoy benifits of placing batch orders and cycle business service. We are a physical factory, provide customizable service,and we have a lot of potention for you to develop the products you want. All goods we provide want to build a sustainable foundation for users’ satisfication.

Singema is an international factory with clients from Europe, Asia,and the Americas. We draw inspiration from the timeless Scandinavian design principles of beauty, simplicity, and functionality while upholding the peaceful and harmonious elements of the ergonomic vision.

To strengthen the management : supports your applications with high performance, reliability, perfect quality and cost effectiveness. We sincerely welcome friends to visit and guide the industry production!