Computer keyboard ergonomics extender desk board

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Extending your workstation to the full width of your desk helps straighten your posture and alleviate eye strain while also reducing the amount of radiation you’re exposed to from your computer.You may folds the desk extension to conceal it beneath desk when not in use to conserve the space. This desk extension gives 25.2” x 9.5” extra area for your arm and keyboard. With this desk extension, your little desk will be not so small.

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Ergonomic Designing for your office desk.

Extending your workstation to the full width of your desk helps straighten your posture and alleviate eye strain while also reducing the amount of radiation you’re exposed to from your computer.

Saving desk`s space

You may folds the desk extension to conceal it beneath desk when not in use to conserve the space. 
This desk extension gives 25.2” 9.5”extra area for your arm and keyboard. 
With this desk extension, your little desk will be not so small.

It is a healthy kit.
It stretches the keyboard out just exactly where arms are at 90 degree angle as well as legs. 
No need to use it beneath the desk tray ,it is comfortable to rest your arm and keyboard as well as the mouse, this desk extender is great tool for typing.

Fits most desks

With desk width of at least 30 inches, the Desk Keyboard Tray is suitable for use (most desks). 
With our keyboard tray, you don’t have to limit yourself to tables and desks with thickness of less than 1.5 inches in order to use it.

Simple installation

All essential hardware and instructions are given for construction, and mounting your keyboard tray to the desk is a straightforward operation with the adjustable clamps.


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