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Manufacture sit stand desk converter,mechanical height adjustable standing up desk riser with large platform,supplied by China factory directly. Creating a more comfortable work space can help you to work more efficiently. This desk  can switch your original office desk into an ergonomics desk converting between sit and standing in 1 second freely! Free assembling as it comes fully-assembled and ready-to-go. The spring-operated lever on the side of the desk makes it easy to switch sitting to standing in one second at hand. This desk may be used for a wide range of activities, including not only computer monitors,but also other various screens or office products.

Place of Origin:

  • Direct-sale by China Manufacturer. Accept customized size in bulk order;
  • Sell to worldwide, Ship by air plane or by sea boat;
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Features of the height adjustable Sit Stand Desk Converter,Height Adjustable Standing Up Desk Riser:

  • It is non-electric standing desk converter,just driven by mechanical Pneumo-hydraulic spring,low fault rate,long service life;
  • In 1 second, you can quick switch the desk between the mode of sitting and standing freely and easily,stay the platform at any place you want;
  • If you want to start standing at your desk instead of buying a new expensive standing desk, just use it to convert your current table or desk to be an ergonomics desk;
  • Stand up for longer periods of time and burns more calories in the process,keep you healthy;
  • The sit stand desk with loading your computer/monitor can be lifted with the help of a gas spring system to a suitable height to fit your body height;
  • Large standing desk converter.A notebook, various screen,computer monitors and a full-size keyboard and mouse pad can all be used on the 32 by 22-inch surface space.
  • You can adjust the table’s height by 17 inches without having to adhere to a predetermined set of heights;
  • The desk’s non-slip padding prevents the tabletop from being scratched.
  • OOTB type(Out of the box).Comes pre-assembled, so you can start using it immediately after opening the package,free assembling.
  • Compared to similar other products, our desktop table is larger and our price is more competitive.

(Similiar type as Stand Steady,Flexispot and other brand desk, try to do the best one in this field! Do the best sit stand desk converter!)

Details for this “Sit Stand Desk Converter,Height Adjustable Standing Up Desk Riser”

Concerning for this sit stand desk converter:
With the help of this one, you can adjust your desk’s height easily and fluidly all day long. Sitting and standing can improve your posture easily, increase productivity, and strengthen your core.

Large standing desk converter.The top platform size is 32″ x x22″, can support single or dual monitor easily, and still has enough space for all of your other office necessities! It can hold up to 30 pounds.

Height: from 2.5″ to 17″,the platform can stay at any height from 2.5″ to 17″,you can adjust a good height to suit your needs.The design is simple and effective:just needs one second from sitting to standing , only simply pull the handle at side.

Material: frame and base is made of quality steel with black powder painiting;The surface plat is made of  fireproof board with surrounding plastic stripe.The smooth and low-profile design let the whole desk look great.

Non-electric driven. It works depending on a mechanical hydraulic cylinder return spring,no need and electrical power,and so it has long service working life.

With the x-lift base design, this tabletop standing desk can raise and lower straight up and down, increasing stability and freeing up storage space.

It is pre-assembled sit stand desk converter, so you can get back to work at once when you put it onto your original desk,one second to convert it to be a heathy desk!

Sit Stand Desk Converter details

  • 17 inches of height adjustment allows transition from a sitting position to a comfortable standing position.
  • Gas spring arm assists to lift your desk in seconds easily and comfortably.
  • Don’t be limited by preset incremented adjustments.Use the handle to adjust the height to your personal fit.
  • A large top platform provides ample space for laptops, keyboard, mouse and office essentials.
  • Sit stand desk converter which can pit single or dual monitor.
  • One step taking 1 second to switch your desk to be healthy working desk.

height adjustable sit stand desk converter riser


The desk can be lifted between 6.2cm to 42cm. You can stay it here at any height within this range.

standing desk with extra large plateform 02

The best feature of this standing up desk is that has extra large top plate,which can help to stand many things like monitor,keyboard,and other office things.


81x56cm desk 02

92x61cm hight adjustable desk riser 02

Our factory has various facilities to process desk manufacturing,including laser cutting,CNC punching machines,CNC board cutting and shaping machine,CNC bending machine,and large assembling workplace and storing warehouse.

F.A.Q on “Sit Stand Desk Converter,Height Adjustable Standing Up Desk Riser”

What is a sit stand desk converter?

A sit stand desk converter is an ergonomics Ddesk which are put on the your original desk station.Once lower it, you can sit on the chair and start to work as you usually do. When you want to stand up, just lift or rise to the wanted position.

Can I buy one or two pieces only for my personal use?

Yes,you can. But as the desk is heavy,one or two piece need to be deliveried by air plane,which will take much air freight;

I want to do more bigger platform,Can I get it?

Usually,for small order,we don`t accept customized size,because,it`ll take much time and much energy to manufacture a new size,you know…In bulk order,we accept your customized dimension.

What is the biggest height of this standing desk converter?

When stop at the height place,the desk is 42.5cm high.That means you can stay the platform at any position under

I want to put my company logo on the package and on the desk,can I get it?

Yes,we can print your logo onto the carton and on the desk if you place bulk order.

 Concerning for our factory and machines to process and customize height adjustable desk.

Singema is a specifilized manufacturer to produce various of Ergonomics Desk,including Sit Stand Desk Converter with different types,laptop mount bracket on desk,and so one.We have own processing equipments,includes laser cutting machine,Wood cutting and holing machine,sheet metal digital bending machine,automatic welding robot,painting facility,and big warehouse.We also can customize desk according to your design.

 How to purchase this “Sit Stand Desk Converter,Height Adjustable Standing Up Desk Riser”?

  • The desk  is available for retail and wholesale;
  • The place of origin is in China,when you buy one or two,please consider freight(by air or by sea) into the cost;
  • Accept bulk order with Container delivery;
  • Accept customized size for this Height adjustable Standing Desk Converter in bulk order;
  • Please contact us online (click here) Or send inquiry message to our email:

General knowledge for “Height adjustable Sit Stand Desk Converter”

Inconspicuous profile

You’ve seen those standing desks, you know the ones…they take up your whole desk, they are a monster to lift or lower. Well this is not that! This desk has a slim & unobtrusive design. It will seamlessly fit in with your office, no matter your style!

Sit or Stand?

Standing provides amazing benefits (check article),however, switching between standing and sitting throughout the day is the best way to stay active and healthy. With this desk,you get the best of both worlds, sit or stand with an easy pull of the handles!

Sit Stand Desk Converter from Singema

Lightweight Sleek and Slim Modern Design – Comfortable Sitting / Standing Desk Converter – Instantly Convert any Surface to a Stand-Up Desk!

Coverter riser in google,and there are many articles to teach you.

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81x56cm, 92x61cm

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  • Isaac


  • Isaac


  • Estelle

    The table is very sturdy, and it is easy to adjust up and down. It is very easy to use. The black color is very beautiful, and the size is very suitable. It is very convenient for study and work. Praise!

    Verified Purchase
  • Austyn

    I have been using it for a long time, and it is very convenient. Sitting in the office every day makes my shoulders sore. It is also very good when I come back to stand after eating. The shelf is very heavy and thick.

    Verified Purchase
  • Alfredo

    The lift frame can be increased in height as required, and the baby is very easy to use.

    Verified Purchase
  • Anthony

    I need to give a good review. The air pressure upgrade is very convenient to use, and the table top is large enough and stable. In addition, it fits my stature after matching with my table and the bay window sill. I am very satisfied 🥰

    Verified Purchase
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      We’re glad you are satisfied with our item! Will do our best to keep improving it in the future.

  • Johnathon

    The quality is good and the value for money is really worth every penny. Putting it in the office is very convenient for office work and relieves lumbar pain.

    Verified Purchase
  • Cleta

    Not bad, the desk can be lifted easily.

    Verified Purchase
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      Thank you so much for taking the time to leave us a so positive rating – it’s much appreciated!

  • Charley

    From a functional point of view, the stand-up workbench that can be raised and lowered is very easy to use, and can be used for sitting or standing. From the perspective of the impact on the human body, sitting and standing exchanging every day is beneficial to health. Get up and stand for 10 minutes every two hours, and stand for half an hour to an hour every day to relieve back pain. So a standing office stand is essential!

    Verified Purchase
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      Thank you for your kind review! It’s a big encouragement to us!

  • Nannie

    Pneumatic computer desk stands feel very good. It looks beautiful and practical, and everyone in the office likes it. I bought another white one for a colleague. The quality is also really good.

    Verified Purchase
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      thank you.

  • Peggie

    The overall quality is good. The size is just right. I have a desktop and a notebook. It can fit on the desk, and there is a little extra for decoration. It’s perfect.

  • Cassandra

    I`m172cm, it is a little lower, but it is just right to padded up, I am very satisfied, and it is convenient to upgrade. Love the color too.

    Verified Purchase
  • Michel

    Hello,I own an online shop in Poland,and I want to deal this sit stand desk in here market.Could you send me the price table?

    Verified Purchase
  • Brant

    Pneumatic struction is perfect,no need electrical. With this desk, I can sit or stand to work occasionally. Convenient to lift,steady and will not shake.

    Verified Purchase
  • Jerrold

    Very good, very sturdy, it is very convenient to stand for office, easy to use for lifting and lowering, and relieve the pressure on the waist.

    Verified Purchase
  • Mac

    The table is well packaged without any bumps. There are operating instructions, it is very convenient to use, you can stand up after sitting for a long time, but the arm is easy to get tired when you use the mouse. I have equipped a board to put the mouse on, but the board is not easy to be fixed and easy to slide. It is recommended to buy a keyboard frame if you need it, and you can do it in one step.

    Verified Purchase

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