How to properly clean the air conditioner?

Today we share the disassembly process of Daikin’s cabinet air conditioner by using singema`s air conditioner cleaning machine.

Let’s test the machine first to see if the air conditioner is working properly

After the empty debugging machine is completed, we cut off the power and start disassembling the machine. When we disassemble the cabinet, the air conditioner is disassembled from the bottom to the top. We first open the lower cover

There’s a screw in there, we’ll take it off

After removing the screws, we took off the lower cover . The filter and the lower cover are together. We can remove the filter and take it directly to the bathroom for washing. Let’s take a look at what is inside after removing the lower cover.

Then we unscrew the screw on the lower baffle and remove the baffle

After removing the baffle, we will remove the inner ring inside, we can remove the inner ring by removing the screws on the inner ring.

Then we remove the screws on the wind wheel to remove the wind wheel

We can take a look at what it looks like when the wind wheel is removed

Then we started to remove the top cover. There are several screws under the top cover, and there are four hidden screws on the left and right that need to be removed.

After removing the screws, we can lift the top cover and take it off. We can see the evaporator above. This is also where we need to clean. We spray it with cleaning agent.

We can wash the fan filter and casing we removed in the bathroom. Now our disassembly is over. Have you learned it?

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