Knowledge of Ergonomics

What is ergonomics?

Ergonomics is a kind of research on the human body. It enables people to use things that conform to the natural form of their body, so that they can no longer be distracted to take care of some of their physical discomfort.

1. Focus on the human body
Ergonomics literally means a kind of physical knowledge that focuses on people themselves, which is to study how to make things more in line with people’s physiological characteristics.For example, we use a chair to make a sample.The chairs we usually sit on are all standardized chairs, which are the shape of the chair. If ergonomics is added to it, then we will change the backrest of the chair to a curved shape, because in this way he can fit more closely with the human spine, and at the same time add two handles on both sides of the chair, because people may put their hands on the handles to rest when they are working, so that their hands will not live there for a long time, which makes them too tired. This is ergonomics. It is a kind of knowledge that makes people’s daily life more comfortable and transforms the things people need to be more suitable for people. The most primitive shape.This discipline focuses on the human body in order to make people more comfortable.

2. Ergonomic physics
If we broadly speaking, it is an ergonomic work, because it is to make people more suitable for things. We can understand it as a kind of knowledge that succumbs to human comfort. Whether it is the transformation of the table or the transformation of other things, it is to put people in a more natural state. This state is a dream, because we have to spend a lot of time and energy at work, if at this time we have to allocate energy to take care of whether the table is comfortable and whether there is a place to put our hands, this will greatly shorten the time for people to focus, so ergonomics is A discipline that helps people concentrate.

In summary, ergonomics is actually a study of the human body.

What are the structure characteristics of ergonomic?

Characteristics of ergonomics: Taking people as the main body, using human body measurement, physiological, psychological measurement and other methods and methods, to study the reasonable coordination relationship between human body structure, function, psychology, mechanics and other aspects and the indoor environment, in order to suit people’s physical and mental activity requirements, to achieve the best performance, the goal should be safety, health, high performance and comfort.The relationship between ergonomics and related disciplines and people, indoor environments and facilities in ergonomics.

Extension: Ergonomics is a technology born after the Second World War. In addition to our common modeling design, ergonomics actually includes various aspects such as the placement of buttons and the design of explanatory text.In a nutshell, in essence, the so-called ergonomics is essentially to make the use of tools as suitable as possible for the natural form of the human body, so that people who can use tools at work, the body and spirit do not need any active adaptation, so as to minimize the fatigue caused by the use of tools. To understand this problem, we first need to study the natural structure of the human body.