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Sell monitor stand riser,display screen desk shelf, supplied by China manufacturer factory,lift desktop,laptop,computer,LCD screen monitor.3 height adjustable.Metal and black color.Can come with drawers.

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Features about this “Monitor stand riser,Display screen desk shelf”.

Are you looking for Monitor stand riser,Display screen desk shelf with affordable price? Yes,you are in right place!We are the manufacturer for this item. The Monitor stand riser,Display screen desk shelf produced by Singema has the following features:

  • Platform size is 370mmx230mm (14.5 x 9.1 inches),which size can fit for most of display screens of PC,desktop,laptop and printer.
  • The bottom of feet comes with rubber anti-skid pads to prevent slidding or damaging to the surface of office desk.
  • Thick metal material with black matte powder painting,good anti-rust performance to let you use it many years;
  • Design of vented holes can let the riser have great heat radiation performance,the perforated mesh helps to dissipate heat immediately by improving the airflow,thus prevent device overheat and always keep cooling.
  • Spring popup buckle lifting and locking function,can load 20kgs,steady to use.
  • Function of ergonomic: Lift your PC monitor screen,laptop and notebook or any other digital equipments with 3 heights adjustable 100mm,120mm,and 140mm  to meet different demands, and thus adjust the riser to a suitable position–the most ergonomic, healthy and comfortable viewing angle.As you know,a correct sitting position and eye viewing position are good to your health,especially it can reduce stress on your neck and back.
  • The desk riser help to save your office desk`s space.You can put your pens,calculators,books and other office supplies under the monitor screen riser.And so,the available space of your  existed office will be increased,which avoids clutter and clutter on the working desk.
  • Depends on your option,it can come with or without drawer
  • Slim package size and light weight to let you save freight cost.

A video for “Monitor stand riser,Display screen desk shelf” made by Singema

The riser shelf not only can lift your PC,laptop and LCD monitor screen,but also can increase space on office desk.You can put some official objects under the rider,keep desk cleaning.

More Details for “Monitor stand riser,Display screen desk shelf”

monitor display screen stand riser size

monitor riser shelf desk is simple assembly

press and hold the snap button to adjust height

The Monitor stand riser,Display screen desk shelf is very simple to assemble.You just need to screw adjustable standing foot onto the platform panel.In order to adjust the height,just need to press and hold the snap button,and then pull or push the outer sleeve pipe to fix at a comfortable height. That`s all.

Why use “Monitor stand riser,Display screen desk shelf”

ergonomic design for your healthy office

The ergonomic design can hold your head higher,and keep your sitting posture more straight, thus will have the most ergonomic, healthy and comfortable viewing angle,which can help you for healthy office.

wide use for PC laptop desktop screens and monitors increase work desk space

Hollow-out design at the bottom of riser brings large-capacity space and says goodbye to messy.

F.A.Q on “Monitor stand riser,Display screen desk shelf”

How much time for this riser can work?

It can serve many years.Because it is made from quality steel with powder painting.It wouldn`t rust in 10years if you don`t scratch the surface and not put it in a wet enviroment.

Does it work for dual monitors?

Yes, no proble. According to our customers` using method,they always use two risers for supporting two monitors or screens.

Can I have a more height than 140mm?

Yes,you can pile up two risers to get more height.Of course,we`ll send you better quality anti-skid rubber pads to prevent the upper riser from slidding.

Can I purchase drawer seperately for the monitor stand riser?

No,you couldn`t.Because the design of riser with and without drawer is a little different. The one with drawer has slidding slot to hold drawer.And so,if you buy drawer only,it couldn`t fit for the riser without slidding slot.

Can I have other colors,i.e,golden,brown,white and other colors?

Yes,you can if you have bulk order more than 1000pcs per order.We can customize any color according to your requirement.

Could you accept customized size for screen stand riser?

No,if your order is small. But yes,if you have large order. Because if you have large orders,we can make a new mold to customize any size.

What is the best height of the Monitor stand riser should I adjust?

The head-up effect of the monitor depends entirely on personal feeling. The height is the feeling that a person bows his head slightly when facing the monitor, and it is not advisable to look up too much. Just look down slightly. With this feeling, you will not feel tired quickly.

Is it good for the treatment of cervical spondylosis by raising the computer monitor?

Appropriately increasing the height of the computer monitor can not only relieve cervical spondylosis, but also help to treat cervical spondylosis.The height of the monitor should be moderate, at a level or lower than the eye.And sitting posture is also very important.

What`s advantages of monitor screen stand riser?

Scientific height, correct sitting posture, and take care of your health at all times.The two-in-one increased storage makes it is reasonable to store all kinds of small office objects, say goodbye to clutter, and keep your desktop clean forever.

How to buy “Monitor stand riser,Display screen desk shelf”

  • The riser is available for retail and wholesale;
  • The place of origin is in China,when you buy one or two,please consider freight(by air or by sea) into the cost;
  • Accept bulk order with Container delivery;
  • Please contact us online (click here) Or send inquiry message to our email:

General knowledge on How to prevent “health traps” in the office?

Most white-collar workers can only choose to work in a sitting position. The body is stable and precise operation is carried out in a sitting position. With this state,may happen abdominal muscle relaxation, and the “S”-shaped physiological curvature of the spine changes from anterior convex to kyphosis.

Long-term operation of the controller by the hand will cause neck, shoulder, and wrist injuries, and even develop into the risk of “mouse hand” carpal tunnel syndrome.(Find how to relieve hand pain from mouse)

Therefore, it is necessary to avoid maintaining the same posture for a long time, change posture appropriately, stand up and take two steps, stretch and move the body to relieve the pressure on the musculoskeletal system.

The work tools of white-collar workers are generally monitor screen,computer mice and keyboards, which are called human-machine interfaces.They are very importent to help you have a good working posture.

Choose a seat with height adjustment and rotation adjustment functions, and at the same time have suitable lumbar support to let the feet can be naturally flattened during work, the forearms are basically horizontal, the height of the display screen monitor makes the head comfortable, and also some activity space can be used to “stretch out”.

In a word,inorder to keep your health during working,please maintain a reasonable work posture and use ergonomic office work tools,e.g Monitor stand riser,Display screen desk shelf,and so on.


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History of Enquiries or Reviews

  • Royal

    The versatility is very good, although it is the stand for the monitor, I use it as book racks to put the books for reading.

    Verified Purchase
  • Lupe

    The table can be adjusted in four positions. The quality is also good. It’s really great. It would be nice if there was a large one. This one just fits a notebook or a deskktop monitor.

    Verified Purchase
  • Candida

    Good, relatively smooth, and supportive. relatively stable. The color is also matte black, with holes and good heat dissipation. All in all, it’s a bargain when it comes to discounts.

    Verified Purchase
  • Nikita

    The shelf is heavy, the texture is very good, there is no burr,but when I installed it, I found that a screw was a little crooked, which caused the column to be installed a little slanted. It is estimated that it was knocked during transportation, but it does not affect After using it, it is still horizontal when it is installed on the desktop. Although it is a bit obsessive, I can ignore the price at this price.

    Verified Purchase
  • Megane

    Feels a little expensive. A notebook with a size of about 15.6″ is just right. The 3 height adjustment, I feel the lowest height is enough.

    Verified Purchase
  • Arnoldo

    Metal dissipates heat well and is strong.

    Verified Purchase
  • Garret

    The price seems a little high, the metal texture is very good, but the tray is a little small, the model will be larger when placed on top, but just four feet can be placed on it, which is conducive to heat dissipation. At present, there is only one small problem, that is, the softness under the legs The pad came loose and fell out. Overall I like it. It is the first time I have written such a long review. (The keyboard is 87 keys).

    Verified Purchase
  • Trycia

    Heavy and no peculiar smell. It is easy to install. It has a mesh and so the desktop notebook laptop can be used for dual purposes. It is better than wood which has a strange smell. It comes with a rigorous and clear installation manual. I have a good impression of this store. I recommend it 🙂

    Verified Purchase
  • Anastasia

    No wood board smell, and it is also very strong. The desktop monitor in the office is just right~ Prevent cervical spondylosis.

    Verified Purchase
  • uytu


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  • Singema


  • Isaac

    I`m curious the price if 50units of this desk.

  • Isaac

    price need to India,please.

  • Albertha

    Practical and beautiful, the highest position can be more stable.

    Verified Purchase
  • Gerson

    The support feet are easy to install, the mesh surface is easy to dissipate heat, and the height of the third gear is also very suitable.

    Verified Purchase
  • Barry

    The stand riser is good and stable, but this size is a little smaller for the 17-inch monitor, and the width is not enough. There is one foot pad hanging on the outside.

    Verified Purchase
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      Thank you for your honest and instructive feedback.
      We appreciate your suggestion.

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