Why choose a smart lift desk?

Office furniture is a utensil equipped for the convenience of office workers or work in daily work and social activities. Poor office furniture may directly or indirectly affect physical health or even harm the body, In such a situation, work efficiency will naturally decrease, and in severe cases, there may be no work efficiency at … Read more

How to properly clean the air conditioner?

Today we share the disassembly process of Daikin’s cabinet air conditioner by using singema`s air conditioner cleaning machine. Let’s test the machine first to see if the air conditioner is working properly After the empty debugging machine is completed, we cut off the power and start disassembling the machine. When we disassemble the cabinet, the … Read more

The reality about standing up desks

I’m seated at a desk reading this content. Stand-up desks are increasingly popular and their advantages are frequently touted, so there’s a strong possibility you already are. Instead of sitting on a chair, these desks allow you to perform your “desk job” while standing. Standing desks can be custom-built (costing tens of thousands of dollars) … Read more