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Why choose a smart lift desk?

Office furniture is a utensil equipped for the convenience of office workers or work in daily work and social activities.

Poor office furniture may directly or indirectly affect physical health or even harm the body,

In such a situation, work efficiency will naturally decrease, and in severe cases, there may be no work efficiency at all.

The desk is the core of office furniture! Smart lift desk is a new type of office furniture desk.

From the evolution of human beings to walking on all fours to walking upright,

After research scholars’ investigation of the development history of world furniture, it is found that:

After walking upright, humans

This way of sitting and working has been passed down, but as people spend more and more time sitting in the office,

People gradually realize that sitting for a long time is not conducive to the improvement of work efficiency.

People began to try to sit and stand alternately, and intelligent lift desks came into being!

Using a smart elevating desk to work has become a popular and healthy way of working.

The intelligent lifting desk is mainly composed of table frame, table legs, desktop, intelligent lifting control system, etc.

Control the raising and lowering of the desk legs through the intelligent lifting control system,

So as to realize the change of desktop height,

Raise it to meet the standing office posture, and lower it to meet the seated office posture.

Advantages of smart lift desk:

1. The intelligent lift desk can move up and down freely, and can stand or sit alternately to work, and the alternate standing and sitting will not hinder the busy affairs at hand.

2. The intelligent lifting office is easy to operate, and it can be automatically adjusted to the specified height by simply pressing the button.

3. Memory function storage of intelligent lifting desk: that is, users can adjust the function keys to a fixed position according to their own suitable height, which is convenient for use.

4. The appearance of the intelligent lift desk is simple and generous, which is in line with the international office trend, and is different from the dull and difficult-to-move style of the traditional desk.

5. The intelligent lifting desk is beneficial to the physical and mental health of office workers and can increase work efficiency. The intelligent lift desk changes the traditional office posture and makes the office posture change more free.

Standing desks have become the new favorite of dozens of workers

When you sit in front of the computer and work, do you often feel back pain and neck pain? As a sedentary party, many people began to “self-help”, such as placing a few books under the computer to avoid excessive bowing. Modern Express reporters found that lift desks on the market have become popular recently. When you are tired from sitting, you can lift the desk up and type while standing, which is favored by many workers.


Online hot selling desk lift platform, saying it can save the waist of workers

△ Elevating workbench sold in the online store

On an online shopping platform, a reporter from Modern Express saw that a lifting workbench was doing promotional activities, and there were more than 1,000 store reviews. This elevating workbench is not a table, but is like a flat platen on which a computer and mouse pad can be placed. The shape is similar to an X, and the height can be adjusted according to your own needs. The product details page describes that the height that can be raised and lowered is between 37-406 mm, the size of the desktop is less than one square meter, and it can bear 8 kg. Both laptops and monitors can be placed on it. According to the introduction, when you put the lift table on the table and adjust it to the highest height, you can stand to work, thereby relieving the fatigue of long-term sitting. The price of this lift table varies between 299-469 yuan depending on the size of the desktop.

△ This is manual sit stand desk converter made by singema.

The reporter browsed many stores and found that similar products have roughly the same functions, some rely on manual control of lifting, and some are electric. Electric prices are more expensive, and some are close to 1,000 yuan. In addition, the online platform also sells lift tables, and some products have more fancy functions. In addition to the basic functions of lifting, they also have additional functions such as smart screen touch and voice control, and the price exceeds 4,000 yuan.

Some consumers have commented that sitting and going to work for many years, with a lift platform, you can switch freely between sitting and standing, which is worth recommending. Some people also said that the product is very convenient to use, but be careful when lowering the table, the speed of lowering is a bit fast, and you should be careful about pinching your hands.

The home market sit-stand dual-use lift desk has become a new favorite

△The desk sold in a shopping mall in Nanjing can be adjusted in height

In offline stores, the all-in-one sit-stand desk has also become a new favorite. On April 27, a reporter from Modern Express saw in a home furnishing store in Kazimen, Nanjing, that the lift desk in the office area has attracted many consumers to inquire and try it out. The staff in the store told reporters that most of the desks and chairs are now adjustable in height, and the height of a batch of newly launched offices can be adjusted for both sitting and standing. The sales are good and they are very popular among office workers. Some people buy it for use in the office, they will buy a larger desktop size, and some people use it at home, relatively speaking, they prefer a smaller desktop size.

Modern Express reporters found that the sit-stand desks on sale are divided into electric models and hand-crank models, and the price of the electric models is relatively higher. A table of a certain brand is 160 cm long and 110 cm wide. The price of the electric lift model is 4,999 yuan. The height can be adjusted between 63-123 cm. Long press the button at the corner of the table to move up and down. The hand-crank model of the same size is 1499 yuan, and the height is between 65-85 cm. Another brand of sit-stand table is hand-adjustable, with a height of 70-120 cm, a size of 160 cm long and 80 cm wide, and the price is 1499 yuan. The staff demonstrated to reporters that, taking an adult about 1.75 meters tall as an example, when the height of the desktop is raised to 1.2 meters, the desktop can be above the waist when standing, and the elbows can be placed flat.

△ Mall staff demonstration

A woman told reporters that she and her family have been working from home recently. Compared with working in the office, it is easier to forget to stand up and move around. After a while, she felt a little sore in her lower back. When she saw someone recommending standing office work on social platforms, she would compare prices. , try it out.


Troubled by a back injury, forcing myself to stand for half an hour every hour

Citizen Mr. Li works in a unit in Xinjiekou. Since August last year, he has alternated between sitting and standing. Every hour he sits, the smart bracelet vibrates to remind him to get up and stand for half an hour. In order to facilitate work, he purchased a lift-type stand, placed it on the desk, and then placed the computer on the stand. The area of ​​the stand can accommodate the keyboard and mouse. The height can be adjusted, and for him, who is 1.8 meters tall, he can stand straight and look straight ahead.

He told reporters that his working hours are generally from 9:00 am to 7:00 pm. Except for one hour of eating, pouring water, going to the toilet, etc., the remaining 9 hours are either in front of the work station or in the conference room. is seated. His lumbar spine was injured by sitting for a long time. Last summer, he suffered from back pain and could not get up from the sofa. After going to the hospital for examination, it was found that it was a lumbar disc herniation. Originally, there was bone hyperplasia in his cervical spine. In addition to medication and exercise therapy, the doctor advised him not to sit all the time, but to stand up and move around every once in a while.

To this end, he also bought an hourglass, set an alarm, and reminded himself to stand up every day. But I still forget when I’m busy. In order to force himself not to sit all the time, he bought a lifting stand on the Internet and spent 280 yuan, “After a few months, I feel much better, and I also move my legs when I stand, and do something. The standing exercise relieves the pain and pressure in the lower back. Sometimes the legs get tired when standing, and then sit down and cycle alternately.” And his colleague was also planted, and he bought the same model not long ago. .


Standing office is not the “optimal solution”, you need to change your posture after 40 minutes of office work

Now many “sedentary people” have lumbar spine problems. Yang Chen, a doctor of sports human science from the School of Sports Health of Nanjing Institute of Physical Education, told the Modern Express reporter that the load on the lumbar spine is affected by both body posture and external load. Compared to sitting, standing work improves the condition of the pelvis and spine. However, it should also be noted that in the standing state, the body posture also has a great impact on the load on the lumbar spine, and the office posture of standing and bending over will also increase the load on the lumbar spine. In addition, standing in an abnormal posture for a long time may also produce some chronic injuries.

“Everyone must be clear that standing is not necessarily better than sitting.” Xie Xiaofeng, chief physician of the North District Orthopedics and Sports Medicine Center of Suzhou Municipal Hospital, said, “Sedentary people” always suffer from backache and back pain. Maintaining the same posture will cause the human spine, lumbar spine and lower back muscles to strain. “So, what we need to avoid is the damage to the lower back caused by prolonged fixed postures and movements (including sitting and standing).”

He shared a set of research data with Modern Express reporters: when lying flat, the lumbar spine is 25% of the body weight; when standing, the lumbar spine is 100% of the body weight; when sitting, the lumbar spine is 150% of the body weight; sitting When leaning forward (a common office posture), the lumbar spine is stressed by 250% of the body weight. It can be imagined how much pressure on the human lumbar spine is caused by sitting and working for a long time. From the data, it seems that the lumbar spine is less stressed when standing than when sitting. But Xie Xiaofeng emphasized again: “The human body is a complex and unified whole. When standing for office, it seems that it is better for the lumbar spine, but the knee joint bears more weight than sitting. Therefore, it is not advisable to sit or stand for a long time.”

Xie Xiaofeng has been engaged in the diagnosis and treatment of sports medicine for nearly 20 years. He said that 75% to 85% of the patients in the outpatient clinic are due to improper habits in daily work and life, which lead to muscle damage in the lower back. After they pass the correct exercise rehabilitation treatment, they do not need to take medicine and undergo surgery, and their back pain can be effectively relieved. What should I do if I have lower back pain at home? Xie Xiaofeng said that you can do proper stretching of the lower back to relax, and apply hot compresses to the sore muscles.

Xie Xiaofeng suggested that you should change your posture after sitting in office for about 40 minutes. For example, get up and walk around, stretch your arms to relax, etc. The relaxation time is 5-10 minutes. Of course, in different working environments, the duration and rhythm can be adjusted appropriately.